About Silverthorn Collegiate

The school to which we send our children can make a great difference in their enjoyment of learning and in their future career paths. At Silverthorn we know that when we challenge our students and encourage them to succeed, their self-esteem and confidence are invigorated.

We all have our strengths and preferences and it is our mandate to offer a wide range of programming that ensures each individual identifies with a subject area of personal interest.

We endeavour to engage students in parts of the program which are not measured on standardized tests or seen on report cards. Often our career paths and interests are influenced by school life outside the classroom and beyond the daily schedule. We are fortunate to have a talented, dedicated faculty who contribute to the development of the whole child. When we read the testimonies that our grads write for our yearbook, we are impressed with the number of occasions that they mention our student leadership initiative.

There are many ways for students to explore their strengths. We have championship teams and we add new teams in non traditional sports annually. We have a daily intramural program so students can use sports for recreation and for competition. We have clubs like debating and model United Nations. We have student executive committees in areas like music and athletics. We have very large cancer research fund raising initiatives and we have a weekly session for senior citizens to learn about computers and for students to learn about teaching.

There is much to be gained for a student who attends a school which offers a wide variety of curricular and extra curricular programs. We are large enough to offer a rich variety of both and small enough for a single student to be an important person to all of us.

We look forward to helping your future Silverthorn student move closer to achievement of their dreams. We will help you to be the best you can be!